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Learn more about my work as Creative Director, Choreographer, Composer and NISA Skating Coach.

Melody @ Winterfest

Creative Director - Bespoke Skating Shows ON and OFF ice!

Winterfest - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | #SK8Troupe - Britian's Got Talent | 'Elemental - The Show at Lake Louise' | Reflections - featuring 'Secret Garden' | Canary Wharf Ice Rink Opening Gala | 'A Night of Wonder'

SK8Troupe - Britain's Got Talent

Special Events Creation - 'Live' Events, TV and Film

Rekorderlig Cider (Casting Assistant) | #SK8Troupe - Britain's Got Talent

Kim Lucine (FRA)

Choreographer - Skating, Gymnastics, Aerial Ballet

Credits include: Reflections: featuring 'Secret Garden' - A Night of Wonder - ELEMENTAL: The Show at Lake Louise - Race to the North Pole (Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi) - Team Zariba GBR (2014-2017) - Become an ICE STAR!


Jon has been composing music for approxiemately 18 years or so. A keen piano player he has worked on various bespoke music projects for sport, stage and screen. His new album 'INSPIRE!' has just been released in digital music stores and streaming services.

Do you have a requirement for bespoke music?

You can learn more about his music and download, stream and preview some of his works via the links below.


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