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Jon & Helene

Individual 1-2-1 Lessons

Whether you are learning new skills or fine tune existing ones, having coaching on a 1-2-1 basis will assist in developing them quicker. Jon will take time to coach, critique and assist you in achieving your goals.

Let's meet, sit down and go through a strategy today!

Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Reinforce your learning within a group of friends, colleagues and other coaches. Experiment with new techniques, have fun and work together in learning and developing your skating skills and experience.

Look out for new 'Group Lesson' opportunities and sessions coming soon...

Pairs Skating

Pairs Skating Lessons

Jon skated with various partners whilst training as an amateur. Coached by Britain’s top Pairs Skating coaches; Neil Cushley in Milton Keynes, and Anne Crompton-Turner in Solihull.

He has worked professionally with former Olympic Pairs Skating Champion; Natalia Mishkutenok and many adagio (ice show) pairs teams as technical advisor and choreographer.

Choreography & Components Lessons and Workshops

The Components definitions and criteria are now updated in order to avoid possible overlapping and make the criteria more understandable and clear.

Skating Skills which is the overall quality of the skating ability (e.g. balance, cleanness and sureness, flow, edges, multi directional skating, power)

Transitions which is the variety, difficulty and purposeful use of intricate footwork, positions, movements and holds that link all elements.

Performance is the physical and emotional involvement of the skater/couple as they deliver the intent of the music and composition (e.g. carriage, style, personality, variety, contrasts, projection).

Composition is an intentionally developed and/or original arrangement of all types of movements according to the principles of musical phrase, space, pattern, and structure (e.g. idea, concept, unity, pattern, phrasing, originality, design)

Interpretation of the Music /Timing (for Ice Dance) it is the personal, creative, and genuine translation of the rhythm, character and content of music to movement on ice.

Over the past four seasons Jon has worked as a choreographer to current British & Scottish Senior Synchronized Skating Champions; Team Zariba from Aberdeen. The team is coached by Sara Paterson and supported by the Aberdeen Synchronised Skating Club.

Jon has recently joined the professional coaching team at the Linx Ice Arena, Aberdeen. Feel free to contact him directly for more information regarding lessons via the on-line form below, an email or call: 07593 571886.

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